Michelle did more to help alleviate the severe pain I’d been experiencing than a lot of the expensive western medical interventions I tried. More importantly she helped me integrate dealing with my health issues into a broader and more holistic scheme of controlling my mind and body, something western medicine - which isolates each issue and usually ignores prevention - cannot do.
— Carr D

Satisfied Clients


I highly recommend to try "The Traditional Method" for chronic neck/shoulder pains.  I noticed a difference within a week. I started feeling around my neck/shoulder lighter and well blood circulation. I'm still taking the herbal medicine and doing all things to improve my neck/shoulder.

— Vanessa M.

I received Tuina massage from Michelle when she was a student. She was by far the best practitioner among the students who gave me a massage.  Now that she's added this skill to her professional offerings I'm making an appointment to see her in SF - and I dislike going to the city!

— deborah h.

She is very knowledgeable and does a great job of bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine. She is very thoughtful, analytical, nonjudgmental, and patient.

— Jennifer W.

Michelle has great energy in her hands, and as soon as she asks you to take a deep breath and puts her hand on your back, something happens. I relaxed very quickly and was ready to take a nap afterwards.

— Pollo k.