Herbal medicine and dietary therapy is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I specialize in herbal medicine from several traditions, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and western herbalism.

During your initial herbal wellness consultation, I will conduct a full assessment of your needs, health history, and current lifestyle, so I can understand the underlying patterns affecting your health, and will provide you with a customized herbal wellness plan, making it possible for you to reach your health goals. Follow-up visits are critical to monitor your progress and to be able to make adjustments to the formulas. Three follow-up visits are recommended. *

Herbs are paid for separately, and can be re-ordered anytime without a consultation fee for up to a year. The average monthly costs of herbs ranges from about $35-50.


  • Initial herbal wellness consultation,1.5 - 2 hrs ($195)
  • Follow-up herbal wellness consultations ($75)